Why Us

Our company has been supplying Sports betting broking services now for more than six years under the VBPortbrokers banner, with the sole purpose of giving you our clients the best possible service each and every day.

Our long term relationships which the founder and his Team have built over two decades affords us a unique advantage both in accommodating size and offering the most competitive range of prices on a range of betting options in sport on football(globally), Horse Racing, tennis, basketball and F1 to name but a few.

Today through these relationships VBPortbrokers provides our customers access to un-rivaled in-play action on Football, as well as live coverage of sporting events streamed exclusively to account holders of our bookmaking partners.

VBPortbrokers bespoke banking services

With an ever changing world when it comes to banking, so are the services we offer to our clients. We hold multiple segregated client accounts with strategically chosen  Banks in order to be able to interact more easily with the numerous bookmakers with whom we hold long term relationships with.

We understand that security and peace of mind is needed so today we now offer to our clients not only segregated client accounts, with multiple currency options, but also our banks provide custodial services over and above the segregated account held with us,  giving you a further level of security.

VBPortbrokers discretion is our middle name

We understand that discretion for both professional and private clients is of paramount importance. Our clients can be comfortable with the knowledge that all their betting needs will be carried out anonymously.  We do this by supplying you a number which is unique to you, which then becomes “your name” under our banner with the bookmaker.

VBPortbrokers helping you manage your risk

Hedging Facilities – Our sports betting broker services can be used by both professional or private clients to hedge their betting exposure and control their liability. Because of being VBPortbrokers helping you manage your risk.

VBPortbrokers the Asian handicap sports broking specialist

As the leader in sports betting brokerage services, VBPortbrokers offers multiple sports betting markets through its affiliated bookmakers but prides itself on having over 30 years of experience in the Asian Handicap betting market offering its clients expert advice and knowledge in this type of betting.

Whether it is on Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket and Golf our team of professionals are here to help you broker your business, manage bets, allowing you to extrapolate the best possible outcome from them.

VBPortbrokers bringing you the best collective prices in sports for nearly a decade

Like any good brokerage house we will also help manage bets overtime so we don’t flood the market suddenly driving the price spiralling upwards or crashing downwards, leaving the client no option but to trade away.

VBPortbrokers the professional’s choice

As the premier sports betting brokerage house today, we welcome all professional gamblers to clear their bets through us. Through our betting bookmaking partnerships and our affiliated bookmakers, we have a solid track record of guaranteeing all winning clients (whether professional or otherwise) and will not have their accounts closed because of this. Like our Bookmakers and affiliates, still reserve the right to decline a bet if we felt there was a case of mis-representation or something untoward afoot – but to date this has never been the case since we opened our doors.

To all our clients and bookmakers both partners and those who are just being introduced to us now, we offer across all our main sports hedging or the service to manage positions. We can facilitate the client both before and during and after games –either alongside the client or on your behalf as instructed.

Our services are improving daily with the help of our clients and our bookmakers as we continue to learn across all sports the different nuances which maybe particular to an area or a country.

At VBPortbrokers we will continue to be the best we can be in order to deliver the service you have come to trust.

VBPortbrokers working for you to give you peace of mind

Simply put, we run background checks on them, following through and querying on any threads or blogs and forums which may be defamatory. In a small industry word does travel and fast. However as we all know one or two can slip under the radar so after which, we will carry out rigorous screening coupled with probity and due diligence checks on them as to their suitability (both from a financial perspective as well as character). Having satisfied all of the above we then open an account to trade deposit and withdraw funds until we are satisfied. Finally we open multiple live accounts as any of our clients would to test their service, pricing in real time. If the management from heads from each department is satisfied then we will rubber stamp their use.

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